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It is such a privilege to introduce you to five-year-old Ruby and her mama, Liz, on day 10 of Down Syndrome Awareness Month. I found these lovelies on Instagram a while ago when a friend reposted a story about a young adult with Down syndrome heading off to college. Ruby’s Rainbow is an incredible organization providing scholarships for adults with Down syndrome to attend post-secondary education. I so highly recommend following Liz, Ruby, and Ruby’s Rainbow on Instagram and Facebook, including the current series #RubyAndNellaRockTheFuture.  Thank you, Liz & Ruby, for celebrating with us today!


What are some things Ruby loves doing?
Ruby loves being with her family and friends, but she is also a freak for the babies. Real live babies, baby dolls, playing baby. She loves spending time outside riding her tricycle, jumping on the trampoline or running around the culde-sac with the crew. Ruby loves to dance also and is in a ballet/tap class that she is rockin’!

What are her favorite movies and games?
She loves The Incredibles and Toy Story. She got to meet Woody and “Mrs Incredible” as she calls her at Disney this summer and freaked! We are a family of “gamers” over here, so she loves any kind of game. One of her faves is Camelot Jr though or anything with dice. She loves to roll them!

What are a few things she is really good at?
Ruby is great at all sorts of things! She loves riding her tricycle and is doing really well at it. She is very athletic and just realized she will be really great at soccer (just like big sis), so we are going to find her a team soon. She is incredibly kind and compassionate and is an amazing friend and sister. A “Ruby Hug” will make anyone’s day brighter. She is also rockin’ kindergarten and loves school!!



What does Ruby have in common with her sister?
Both my girls are smart as heck and have a kindness and compassion to their spirits that makes this mama proud every day.

What have your girls taught each other?
Ella Mae is Ruby’s best therapist. She wants to do EVERYTHING big sis does, so the things that Ella Mae has taught Ruby is too many to name. Ruby teaches Ella Mae patience and a type of nurturing you can’t learn from just anywhere. They both believe in each other more than anything I have ever seen, so to watch them cheer each other on is something I cherish each day.

What is the most wonderful part of knowing them?
Well just being a mom is the most beautiful and rewarding thing in the whole wide world!! To look at my girls and know that they are mine, and to watch them grow into loving, caring and kind lil’ ladies is about the coolest thing ever!



What have been good resources for you to learn more about Down syndrome?
In my opinion, all the books I read were not helpful. The info was all outdated and generalized. My best resource? My daughter, Ruby. She is her own lil’ person, with her own amazing qualities and her own challenges…just like we all have. We all bring something wonderful and unique into this world, and no book can predict that!!

What is something you don’t think many people know about Down syndrome?
Hmmm….There is so much I would love for the world to know! But one thing is that peeps rockin’ that extra chromosome are going for their dreams of higher education and independence. 🙂


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