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A Weekend in Denver

I’m backtracking a bit to make up for not getting all the photos up following our month in Colorado! There was just so much each week, I didn’t have a lot of time to get it all posted, and returning to Minnesota hasn’t been much better. But we’re settling in to our routine again and finding a happy rhythm. So off we go…let’s catch up!


Our last full weekend in Colorado was spent with Pete’s sister, Kathryn, in Denver. We first met up at the aquarium where we simply could not resist sitting down for lunch beside walls of fish. I’m pretty sure Sam has signed for fish at every restaurant we’ve visited since being at the aquarium! (He’s signing it here.)


Our table was right next to this amazing tank, but we gave in anyway and pulled his chair right up to the glass. This was certainly his happiest meal out EVER.


Following lunch, we made a slow walk through the aquarium. Sam could have watched this tank for days…


…even with this creepy guy swimming back and forth with his mouth wide open. I mean, look at those chompers! And the eyeballs! What do you suppose he was thinking??


The most memorable part of the aquarium was that we got to see REAL mermaids! REAL, you guys!! Check out this video. I had two very happy kiddos.

Denver Downtown Aquarium from The Mango Memoirs on Vimeo.

Of course our climber wanted to scale the palm trees on the way out of the aquarium.

IMG_1355 After spending the entire middle of the day at the aquarium, we headed back to Auntie Kathryn’s condo, which is in a pretty cool part of the city. While the boys took naps on the sofa, the girls walked to Trader Joe’s and a local pizza place to bring dinner back. That’s one thing I love about bigger cities. You can walk all over! And so many cities have a Trader Joe’s. Someday, Duluth. Someday.

The day after being at the aquarium, I got to meet up with a beautiful group of my mama friends! I had only previously met these moms on Instagram, but we certainly didn’t feel like strangers. I’ve been connected to these moms for more than a couple years. Lacey and I first found each other shortly after Sam was born. Her little guy, Ari, isn’t much older than Sam. I am consistently amazed at how we can feel like family with those we’ve never met face-to-face, but with whom we have unique bonds. Like these mamas. We are all raising a child with Down syndrome. This was definitely one of my favorite experiences in Colorado!


How on earth did any of us catch a photo of the four kids together? We tried to convince them all to hold hands, which we though might keep them in one place for the photo. I don’t know who thought of that trick, but…genius. Sam wouldn’t hold hands, though. He just wanted to point and show everyone else where to look for the picture.


But look! We got one! All looking in different directions, but we’ll take it. What would I do without such incredible mama friends through Instagram to share this journey? I so treasure the evening I spent with Lacey, Crystal, and Bethany.


Such a fun weekend, but this isn’t all! We also managed to make a trip up Pike’s Peak! Check for that post coming up next. 🙂




The Twins Beat the Yankees!

And we were there to see it! I asked Ella what she wanted to do with Daddy on Father’s Day this year. She thought for only a moment before exclaiming, “Let’s take him to a baseball game!” So that’s exactly what we did.


The Twins happened to be playing in Minnesota on Father’s Day. And they were scheduled to play the NY Yankees. Such a legendary team. I’ve wanted to see them play for a long time, though I assumed it meant the Twins would not be winning the game. (Sorry, Twins, I have to be honest. But you proved me wrong!) The game turned out to be very exciting – and we won!


We sat way up high in a family section and had an incredible view. Also, we were in the shade for the entire game. It was such a hot day, had we not been in the shade, we certainly would not have made it to the end.


Sam sat in his seat for nearly the entire nine innings! I had thought he might get antsy or bored after a while, but he loved all the activity. However, we did have to block a few items he tried to throw over the railing.


This kid. He’s so much fun.


After the game, we got to run the bases! We waited our turn and ran from base to base, Sam giggling the whole time on Pete’s back. Such a fun memory!


We sure do love our Daddy. Happy Father’s Day, Pete!





We Wish You a Merry Christmas!


We hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

Card A




Autumn Love

We sure do love autumn in our house! It’s always been one of my very favorite times of the year, and now it seems even more magical with the littles. We’ve been out & about while the weather is still a bit warm, breathing in fresh air and running through piles of fallen leaves. I still can’t believe it’s nearly the end of October! This weekend we’ll be celebrating the season with harvest parties at church and at Ella’s school. Dressed up, of course! The kids’ costumes are ready and Ella is probably more excited for her costume than any other she’s had. The kids are going to be adorable!

This month I’m taking an online photography class, so I’m finally learning how to use my lovely Canon DSLR! Most of the photos below have been early practice. Since taking them, I’ve learned how to change all kinds of settings, so {hopefully} the photos on the blog will be getting better and better!

Last week we celebrated our lovely friend Audrey’s 2nd birthday in her grandma’s adorably decorated back yard. Audrey’s mama and grandma create beautiful, creative parties! The afternoon sun was perfect for playing outside between the trees.

Sam In The Kitchen

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