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Not only are we celebrating day 11 of Down Syndrome Awareness Month, but today we’re also celebrating Miss Kaycee Adalynn’s third birthday! I first introduced you to Kaycee one year ago on her second birthday. This year her mama, Angela, tells us a little more about her sweet girl. You can find Kaycee and Angela on Instagram as @AngelaRobbins.


What are a few things Kaycee enjoys doing?
I’d say Kaycee’s absolute favorite thing is dancing and singing! She is always singing along with the songs on the radio and adding some adorably hilarious dance moves, including but not limited to butt shaking and off kilter twirling. And if you’ve been around her recently, you were likely serenaded with a custom version of ‘happy birthday’ – her new favorite, which she refers to as ‘Happy’ (which can be confusing as her other favorite song is ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams!). Kaycee also thoroughly enjoys making people laugh! She loves when she does something funny and the people around her react, especially the stifled giggles – those really fire her up. Besides being the entertainment, she also loves swinging, playing hide and seek, giving hugs, prancing around the house naked, coloring, wrestling, playing pretend, hiding in fear of flies, and begging for a banana only to leave it peeled and unfinished.

What are her favorite shows, games, or books?
Kaycee absolutely loves Curious George and the Little Einsteins! When she hears the theme songs, she stops everything, directs everyone’s attention to the historic life moment, and proceeds to sing and dance her way through the start of the show with the expectation of full applause when her performance is complete. She loves to entertain! Her favorite games are Connect Four and various puzzles, but she has been on a big Lego kick lately. She enjoys any book within reach, but I’d say right now she particularly loves the Daniel Tiger book she picked out as a prize during the summer reading program this year. She also shows undying affection for any book a sibling is trying to read.


Who does she love to spend time with? What do they do together?
She loves to spend time with her brother and sister. Cameron (7) is so good at honing in on her and making her feel like his whole world. He knows she loves to be tickled and they almost daily end up in a wrestling tickle match. Ellie (5) has a very similar personality to Kaycee in that they both tend to be the “ask forgiveness, not permission” type. They are like two peas in a pod, trouble and all. When they aren’t getting themselves into trouble, they are usually found playing with baby dolls and dressed up in elaborate outfits. And if there is anything that will result in getting dirty or wardrobe changes, they will certainly be the first ones there.

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What is something you want everyone to know about your daughter?
Kaycee has brought a whole new dimension of unique personality and quirks to our family, as have each of our kids. Down Syndrome (mosaic or otherwise) doesn’t automatically mean all smiles or joy. But it also doesn’t mean inconvenience or burden. She’s so beautifully perfect, a life of unique character, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. She’s a kid like any other who needs love and affection. And ice cream. Lots and lots of ice cream.


Happy 3rd birthday, Kaycee!


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