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Ten Years: A Wedding Along the Shore

Ten years ago on this very day, Pete and I stood before a church filled with family and friends, speaking vows we had written for one another. I promised to follow him wherever God would take us and to strive to love him more every single day. He vowed to lead us toward God and to always seek His direction for us. We’ve had our share of ups and downs through the last decade, but those promises have remained strong. God has been faithful in carrying us through the rough spots, which has always made us stronger. And now, at the mark of ten years, we’ve made it to the place we dreamed of being before either of us met. Words cannot express how it feels to be celebrating this day in Kenya!

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A Very Disney Birthday Party

Today we’re back in Nairobi while our new house at Tenwek gets painted! I am super excited to get it all painted white, because it’s sure to brighten the entire interior. The fumes from the oil-based paint, however, are awful, so we were told to leave for a nit while it’s all being done. Pete starts work at the hospital on Monday, so this is a great time to get away, visit another mission hospital, see friends, and pick up a few more things we need that we can only find in the city. Things like shower curtains, yoga matts, weights, yogurt, etc. Sam loves his yogurt. Until I start making it at home, we need to travel a ways to a grocery store to buy it.

While we’re in Nairobi, I’m going to squeeze in a few posts of events that happened before we left the States but that I really don’t want to miss getting up on the blog. Here’s the first!

I adore planning parties. So even though we were in the middle of packing and moving and wrapping everything up in Duluth, I wanted to have a party for the kids. I also thought it would be a fun way to get the family together before we left. The party was at the very end of April, one month before Sam’s birthday and two before Ella’s. I asked Ella what she thought the theme should be and was thrilled when she asked for Disney World. One of my favorite places!

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Family Photos

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that we attempted to have some photos taken by a friend on the beach, but Sam dove immediately into the water. Well, we got a few pictures back today that turned out! We haven’t had a family picture taken since my sister’s wedding three years ago, and we’ve used it on all of our mission materials. (It’s there in the sidebar of the blog, too.) The kids have grown a lot since that was taken!




Soaking in the Sunshine

After taking a week to wind down from all the working, packing, and traveling, we spent the past week fully enjoying the sunshine!

Ella and Pete have had a few opportunities to snorkel since we got here. Ella’s in love! We might need to get this girl certified some day so she can dive with us.

This guy can’t resist a mirror.

So much water time.

We tried to take a few family pictures on the beach, but Sam wanted nothing more than to be in the water.

Vacation also means lots of date time for Ella and Daddy. She couldn’t be happier.

Life was a little hectic on Mother’s Day this year, so we postponed for a bit. This past week we picked a day and Pete and the kids made it so special for me! It started with coffee in bed and this card made by my loves.

Then they treated me to a morning at the spa with a massage, mani, and pedi. I love when my nails match my ring.

With my book in the shade and this view, I felt very celebrated. It was an amazing Mother’s Day!

Two days ago we took Sam on a glass bottom boat. He yelled each time we saw a fish swim under the boat. I would have been happy only watching him on that trip. He was so happy.

Sam actually liked watching the boat hit the waves more than seeing the fish. I knew he would. He adores the water.

Life is pretty good with this one.

My cozy boys, watching TV with Grover and Abby Cadabby.

We’ve got more family days ahead as we wait for Pete’s Kenyan work permit to be approved. We’ve been told it will be soon, but we won’t know exactly when until word is sent to our team at Tenwek Hospital. We keep praying and trusting it will come through in God’s perfect timing!


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