We have another very special post today, because today is Yoel’s 5th birthday! Yoel’s mom, Michelle, took the time to answer a few questions about her relationship with her son for Down Syndrome Awareness Month. You can find Michelle on Instagram at @m_chellesal.

How/when did you find out your loved one had Down syndrome?
Our little firecracker was born at 36 weeks and 3 days. He made his grand entrance with no complications. But as soon as he was placed in my arms my mom had an unsettling feeling something wasn’t right with our baby boy. She didn’t know how to tell me that she suspended he had Down syndrome. She insisted I ask his pediatrician to check if he was okay. Just to reassure her, I did as she told me. To be on the safe side his doctor suggested that Yoel should be tested for chromosomal abnormalities, a blood test called karyotype. The nurses took him back to get his labs drawn, and we were sent home the next day. We loved Yoel so much, we cuddled him, and kissed him all day and night . At his one-month check up, I was told the news that he was positive for Trisomy 21. Yoel was on the examining table with his aunt and I was sitting down. All I could remember were those words, Down syndrome, Down syndrome repeating itself all over in my head. His doctor kept assuring me that all would be okay. All I could do was cry. I cried for my baby boy. I felt like we had the wrong baby with us. I cried for his future. But little did I know that all along he was the one, the little boy I dreamed of, the perfect little boy to fill our home with hope, faith, love, and so much happiness. The future is so bright for him and us. He is our miracle baby.


What were some of the emotions you had when you got the news?
I felt betrayal. I felt lost and scared. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. I did everything right during my pregnancy. I felt all emotions, anger, hate. I wanted to go far, far away from here with my son and husband. I wanted to prove the doctors wrong, that nothing was wrong with my son. The crying that we did for days helped heal those ugly wounds in our soul. We started to pray, I started to find God and how good he is. That his plan for our journey was the perfect one. He made no mistakes and he made Yoel in his perfect image. He knew what he was doing when he blessed us with him.

One of the most challenging things about having a child with Down syndrome is…
Therapies are so hard to get used to, as well as doctor appointments. Even after four years I should be a pro at keeping up with the scheduling, but I am not.

What have been good resources for you to learn more about Down syndrome?
I do not know if it’s a resource, but I have found families with kiddos with Down syndrome on Instagram to be my biggest resource. I connect with awesome mommies and their awesome kiddos daily. They guide me when I need help. I cheer their kids on and they cheer mine.




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