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What word? The R word. Retard. That ugly word that is still used so often all around us.

Why? Because it’s honestly so incredibly important to stop using this hurtful term. Last year I wrote a post about why, as a mother, I think we need to stop using it. I was nervous about publishing the post, but when it got over 10,000 hits on Facebook, I realized just how many people really do want to ‘spread the word.’ Please take a second to read the post and share it with those who may not know why so many of us are hurt when we hear the word. And please, please, please…let’s get rid of this ugly word!

Please click over to take the pledge to stop using the word and then encourage those around you to delete it from their vocabulary.

If you do it for no other reason, do it for this guy.




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  1. Beth says:

    I am enjoying your blog. I am excited to hear that you will be moving to Africa to serve the Lord there. I am sure Sam will be a blessing to your life and ministry. When my daughter was born one of the things I wanted to do was meet another missionary family with a Down Syndrome child. That did happen and now 10 years later we are still ministering overseas and it does have a positive impact on our ministry.

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