Lumberjack Samuel is FOUR!

It’s hard to believe that four {FOUR!} years ago today this ray of sunshine came into our lives. I love this boy to pieces. To pieces, I tell you! Today while we were at the store, I kept kissing his cheeks, and every single time, he grinned his big, toothy grin and wiped them away. I can’ help it. I feel so incredibly thankful to be this kid’s mama. And isn’t he just the handsomest little lumberjack you’ve ever laid eyes on?!


Big sister and I started the day today by dumping a basket filled with balloons over his bed and letting him blow out a candle on a Hostess cupcake. But the big celebration was last Thursday morning so Daddy could join us. I have to give a great big THANK YOU! to Anna of Along an Inland Sea Photography for capturing these photos. How excited I was when she arrived to the party and asked if she should grab her camera from the car! I treasure these, Anna. Thank you!


We hosted a little lumberjack brunch in a room at our old condo building. The sun was shining and the waves were splashing onto the shore. The kids loved it and played happily in the grass between brunch and cake.



I don’t often make cakes these days, so when I do, I so completely enjoy it. This tree stump cake was a chocolate cake with chocolate almond buttercream and Ghirardelli dark chocolate bark around the outside.



A few weeks ago, Sam’s speech therapist and I started working with him on blowing with the hopes he would be able to blow out his own birthday candles this year. Friends, I was a puddle inside after this happened…

He works so hard! Next big goal…walking! He’s amazing. He’ll be there soon.


Sam was all about the pancakes on a stick.


A peek at the invitations I made for Sam’s celebration.

Sam's Birthday Blog

A few of the cutest little friends joined us to celebrate.


Sam’s new favorite buddy is this fuzzy little moose. We call him Moosey, because we’re creative like that.



While outside, we held a rousing axe throwing competition, which Pete thought was highly appropriate as an ER doc. He got lucky this time, though, since our axe was plastic and the target was a hula hoop in the grass. Ella acted as game master extraordinaire.


When we first scheduled the party for a Thursday morning I thought, Who has a party on a Thursday morning? It’s crazy! But it works for my dear mamas! I was so happy they could celebrate with us! Stacy and her babes.


Hannah, our amazing babysitter. Goodness, do we love her.


Ella and Audrey. Two adorable girls, yes?


Anna and Raliegh. The very talented mama who captured all these photos. Also mama to Audrey.



Ashley and her boys. Seriously, these boys are just too handsome.


Can you believe these two happy campers were born at just 25 weeks?! They’ve come so far! Katrina, you’re such a beautiful mama.


All dressed up in our flannel!


I ordered these woodsy colored pencils on Amazon to give as a party favor. I tied a little piece of red baker’s twine around each with a printed flannel thank you note.

A very happy 4th birthday to our favorite little boy! We love you, Samuel!!

Lumberjack Brunch 2


Party details:

red ceramic fruit bowl, bunting pieces, wooden S, pancake sticks, baker’s twine & plaid ribbon: Hobby Lobby
red lantern, white tablecloth, cake stand, plastic moose: Target
stuffed moose: Saver’s (second hand)
lumberjack color page free download:
mini pancakes, juice boxes & yogurt cups: Sam’s Club
invitations designed by me on PicMonkey
plastic axe: Amazon
twig colored pencils: Amazon


Click over to my Pinterest party page for a whole lot more party inspiration!



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  1. Kristi says:

    Oh my goodness, I burst into a huge smile and laughed out loud when Sam blew out his candles! My favorite part was his laugh!!! What an amazing boy!

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