Last-Minute Life-Changing Christmas Gifts

There are only a couple days left until Christmas and I know not all of us may have finished our Christmas shopping yet. It’s okay! These three organizations have some fantastic gifts that mean a whole lot more than a random gift picked up at the store on the corner. Even if you don’t need any more gifts for your family or friends, I still encourage you to check out their websites. They are doing some incredible things around the world!

Christmas Gifts



Formerly Compassion International, our family has been a part of this organization for more than five years. They have an online catalog filled with gifts that truly change the lives of mothers, widows, and children all over the world. A few examples: baby’s medical care for one year, provide a newborn care package, provide safe drinking water, provide shelter for children at risk. You can purchase the gift right now and then print a card at home or send an e-card to tell your recipient about the gift you’ve given in their name. Make it as last-minute as you want!


Last week I hosted a Sole Hope shoe cutting party to help make shoes for kids who desperately need them in Uganda. Sole Hope provides jobs for those who put the shoes together in Uganda and then gives shoes to children to protect their feet from tiny little bugs that crawl up in their feet and lay eggs. It’s incredibly painful. The cost of sponsoring one pair of shoes in $10. You can donate directly to Sole Hope or you can purchase something from their shop that will also help provide funds for the shoes.

3. NO. 41

I learned about No. 41 after meeting their founder at a conference last year and absolutely love what they are doing for students in Rwanda. This is an organization that provides meals for kids who would otherwise go without. A simple donation of $5 provides a month of 2 meals a day (20 meals!) for students. You can purchase the gift and then print a card right from their website. They also have bags & shirts that can be purchased if you’d like to give an actual gift to a friend. The proceeds then go to providing lots of meals for students.

We purchased gifts from all three of these organizations this year and are really looking forward to telling our gift recipients about them!

Do you have any organizations you love at Christmas? How did you find out about them?



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