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One thing I love about being a part of a great big community of families who have loved ones with Down syndrome is that I get to see people who are further along in their journey than I am. One of my favorite families on Instagram is Jimbo’s. Today, Jimbo’s sister, Pam, shares a little glimpse into what his life looks like now and how his pure joy is effecting people every day. You can find Jimbo on Instagram at @jimbo_is_the_man.


James, “Jimbo”, is the 9th of 11 children. He is 53 years old and despite the fact that he is non-verbal, he is the funnest and funniest person to be around. He has the biggest and best personality of anyone we know. He will definitely light up the room with his smile and his laugh. We have given him the motto, “no bad days”, because, truly he doesn’t seem to have one. He goes to a day program/workshop Monday thru Friday; he likes to watch t.v., and hang out with his family. Turn some music on and he’s up dancing or tapping his hand to the beat. He loves coffee and diet coke!

Jimbo now lives part-time at my house and part-time at our sister Julie’s house, (I am the 11th and Julie is the 7th), after our dad passed away in 2006. (our mom passed away in 1998)  Living between our two houses was something that began right after our dad passed away, even though we had not planned it that way originally. We must give God the glory for how it all worked out so wonderfully. Our husbands and children have been so incredibly supportive by taking him in without reservation.

His IG account was started by Julie’s youngest daughter, my niece, Amy. A few of our family members were following families on IG with young children with Down syndrome and Amy said that we should start an IG for Jimbo because we didn’t see very many accounts of grown-ups with Down syndrome.  So Amy started @jimbo_is_the_man!
 The families that we have found through this community have inspired us more than you all will know. If our parents could have had the connections that we all have today, they may not have felt alone in their journey. We are very grateful to have found so many wonderful families through Jimbo’s Instagram account.

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  1. Mummalove says:

    Jimbo sure is the man. It’s been so great to connect with some of his siblings through Instagram. Thanks for sharing him with us xx

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