Autumn Love

We sure do love autumn in our house! It’s always been one of my very favorite times of the year, and now it seems even more magical with the littles. We’ve been out & about while the weather is still a bit warm, breathing in fresh air and running through piles of fallen leaves. I still can’t believe it’s nearly the end of October! This weekend we’ll be celebrating the season with harvest parties at church and at Ella’s school. Dressed up, of course! The kids’ costumes are ready and Ella is probably more excited for her costume than any other she’s had. The kids are going to be adorable!

This month I’m taking an online photography class, so I’m finally learning how to use my lovely Canon DSLR! Most of the photos below have been early practice. Since taking them, I’ve learned how to change all kinds of settings, so {hopefully} the photos on the blog will be getting better and better!

Last week we celebrated our lovely friend Audrey’s 2nd birthday in her grandma’s adorably decorated back yard. Audrey’s mama and grandma create beautiful, creative parties! The afternoon sun was perfect for playing outside between the trees.

Sam In The Kitchen




Audrey's Birthday



Saturday morning we boarded a train downtown with Grandma & Grandpa Olsen and Auntie Kristin and rode up the shore to a secret little pumpkin patch. It was a perfect autumn outing!




pumpkins 3





What can I say? We love this season!




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  1. Audrey says:

    Your pictures were adorable! 🙂

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