Video: What About Sam?

Another video update! We’ve had lots of questions in the last few years about what life in Kenya will look like for Sam. Here’s a short overview of what he’s up to, which makes me think we should do a video with him very soon. So check back for that before long!

Also, I received Sam’s new curriculum just a few days ago and am absolutely thrilled to get started this week! After lots of searching and asking and praying, we decided to try Simply Classical from Memoria Press. It is a Classical Christian program, which means we’ll be focusing on literature and memorization along with many fine and gross motor activities (little movements for pre-writing and big movements for running & jumping). Lots of Dr Suess and Margaret Wise Brown, short Bible verses and prayers, letter tracing, songs, and nature walks. It was written by a woman with a Masters degree in special education who also has two grown children with special needs.  I’ll let you know in a few weeks how it’s working!



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  1. Kristi F says:

    Ang! This is so fun! I love the videos–keep doing them!
    Here are some questions I’d love to hear about:
    What are your meals like? New foods you love? Foods that are on your “not my favorite” list? Have the kids found any new favorites?
    Can we get a video tour of your house?!
    What kinds of animals do you have near you?
    What sounds do you hear when you first wake up? When you go to bed?
    What is your “typical” day like when Pete is around? I know “typical” is a tricky concept, but just in general…
    Are you part of a church on the Tenwek campus or in the community? What is it like?
    What are your plans for Thanksgiving and Christmas? Are there Tenwek traditions you’ll be part of?
    I have lots more questions, but maybe I’ll send an email. We miss you guys, and think of you often!
    Kristi, Matt, and family

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