Video: A Chat with Sam!

I wanted to try something a little different today and have a little chat with Sam! Enjoy!



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  1. Kenzie D says:

    Wow he is getting good at all those signs and sounds 🙂 Rowan knows about 80 or so signs now but a lot of them he does his own way because he has such low muscle tone in his fingers he can’t coordinate them very well. We’re slowly adding sounds to his vocab but he’s a stubborn little guy. We sure miss our Therapists there and miss seeing you guys to but we do have great resources down here in Mpls. Rowan will be starting school in Sept so not too far behind Sam 🙂 Keep in touch we love to hear from you! Thanks for the darling video!

  2. O'Neill Whelan says:

    Oh my goodness, Angela, this is the best! So fun to see Mr Sam in action. Way to go Sammy!!!

  3. Absolutely precious! He’s such a little sweetheart.

  4. I absolutely love this, Angela! My nephew has Downs, and when he was Sam’s age, signing was a wonderful way for us to communicate better. Josh is now 8, and talking up a storm 🙂

  5. Sarah says:

    Oh my goodness he is too cute! Thanks for sharing. I loved his kitty cat sign.

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