State Fair: Take 2

Wednesday night Pete, Ella, and I went to the fair, and Thursday morning Ella and I got to go again! This time we went with my parents and grandma (or, as they are now known, Grandma & Grandpa Scott and Great-Grandma Scott). The weather was gorgeous. Since Pete wasn’t with us, we were able to venture into the animal buildings. It was a day of more fried food and all-you-can-drink milk!

Ella met a pig!
and a cow
Great-Grandma & Ang with a giant pronto pup

hanging out with Grandma

Great-Grandma bought a shirt for Ella & had it signed by Tony Oliva!


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  1. Mick Scott says:

    Very cute! That was a great day. Haven’t had that much fun , eaten so much “stuff” and drank that much milk (etc.) in a long time. Glad we got to go into the barns… that’s half the fun at the fair. Love DAD

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