Simplicity: Day 1

Today we began our six-month journey of simplicity. I wouldn’t say it was hard, but there were a few times I caught myself beginning to make a mental Amazon list before realizing my purchases would have to wait till summer. Just little things. For example, we noticed that a few pears had quickly gone bad in the produce drawer in the fridge. Pete reminded me that we used to have these little plastic things that seemed to do a decent job of keeping the fruit good a bit longer. I nearly said, “I’ll order a few right now.” Instead, we’ll be sure to buy less fruit more often. Pretty simple.

A slightly bigger issue arose when Ella pulled out her school shoes this afternoon and said her teacher told her she should bring a new pair. Upon examining the pink, sparkly Stride Rites (not cheap but purchased for a good price before the school year on Zulily), I discovered that the sole of one shoe has definitely seen better days. Any other day, I would have glued the sole, told her to wear them for play shoes, and purchased a cute new school pair at Target. Instead, I’m fixing the sole and sending them back with her tomorrow. The situation did bring up a good opportunity to talk with Ella again about this experiment. She complained for a moment about the shoes being too worn out, but I gently reminded her that we’re not buying new things at the store for a while and pointed out the good qualities of her shoes. It didn’t take much convincing that they are still pretty fantastic since they are nearly entirely covered in sequins. Tonight I’ll glue those soles back in place and hope they last a few more months.


Ella’s sweet sparkly shoes

Over the weekend, I observed something in myself that I hadn’t necessary expected. I started to feel slightly anxious about having a limited amount of time to make purchases. I suddenly wanted to decorate our guest bathroom. And then I remembered a few developmental toys I had meant to buy for Sam. And my mind kept going over all these things that I might want in the next six months. I looked at my Etsy wish list about a hundred times but managed to only make one purchase. I did buy the items for Sam but I held off on the rest. All day yesterday, I wanted to shop! Apparently, my desire to purchase and the financial freedom I currently have to buy these things has gone to a place I wasn’t even aware. Feelings of anxiety like that make me realize I need to take a deeper look at the hold my material stuff has on me. I wonder if that is one reason God wants me to experience this break from purchasing before going to Africa. It’s one thing to stop purchasing because it’s no longer an option, but it’s entirely different to still be surrounded by the things I want and choose not to purchase them. Definitely something I need to dig into a bit further.

That’s where I am at the end of day one. So much to come in the next six months. I have a feeling it’s going to be tough but also really, really good.


Some of you know that we just returned from an amazing week in Florida. Warmth! Sunshine! It was wonderful! If you’re waiting for photos, they will be coming soon. I again fell behind on backing up my iPhoto library and no longer have any space for more pictures, including those taken on the beach. I’ll get them up soon. These two kiddos make perfect little beach models! Here’s a little sneak peek…

Sam beach


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  1. Melissa says:

    I’m really looking forward to following along with your journey. Also, we are going down to FL in a couple weeks and I CANNOT wait!

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