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Today when I picked Miss Ella up from preschool, she urgently informed me I needed to see something in her lunch bag. I typically require she put on her seat belt before pulling anything out (this mama’s way of combating pokiness), but I could tell this was different. She dug through her bag and produced a sealed Ziploc bag with the following items enclosed:

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Can I tell you how hard it was not to laugh on the spot?! This note is adorable! My blonde-hair beauty has never taken a scissor to her hair, but it does seem like an inevitable rite of passage for every little girl, so today was our day. I calmly asked her to buckle into her seat while I ran over to my friend, Amy, who was managing her boys. We had a pretty good laugh together. My sweet Ella has one little spot on the right side of her head where her hair is about an inch long. Fortunately, it blends in for the most part. While analyzing the situation together in the car, Ella and I decided that we’ve learned two lessons today. One, only Mommy or the stylist can use a scissor in her hair. And two, we shouldn’t always do what our friends tell us. Lessons learned. And I’m keeping this memento forever.


When we found our {soon to be} beautiful vintage camper, Beatrice, last fall, I told myself I wouldn’t start shopping for decorations and such until spring. Well friends, it may not look a bit like spring outside in these parts, but according to the calendar, I’ve reached the golden hour! Yesterday, I walked up and down every isle in a local antique shop searching for treasure. Through the winter months, I fed my camper giddiness by pinning inspiring images on my camper Pinterest board. Beatrice won’t have a ton of space, so I want to be pretty intentional about what we get. On my first thrifting trip, this is what I found:

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Three stainless steel canisters (flour, coffee, tea); a white enamelware pot; four plastic cups (never used); two hot pad holders; nine vintage Minnesota & Lake Superior postcards; one Little Golden Book. It is my vision to hang the postcards around the bottom bunk windows. Earlier today, I also found two vintage, handmade quilts for two of the beds and a big, newer quilt for the table that turns into a bed. Our primary colors will be red & teal, so I’m doing my best to stick to those colors while finding other vintage pieces that mix well with them.

Currently, Beatrice is still at the shop getting a little work done. We’ve had to halt work for a bit while we figure out how much time and money we want to put into her renovations. We did sell our motorcycles, so we’re using that money to do the work. But how much do we want to put into fixing the old roof for now? Whatever the decision, we’ll get to use her all summer, even if summer seems so far away!


Today, little man Sam got his very first pair of big boy shoes. The two of us had such fun shopping for them. It was a little tricky because we needed a pair that would fit over his new ankle supports (Sure Steps) and also had a bit of a flexible sole. In the end, it really just came down to this one pair, and I think they’re pretty adorable. Don’t they look like little Cookie Monster skater shoes?


Sam is getting really good at army crawling and still rolls all over. We’re working on actually getting him up on his hands & knees, but at the moment it makes him pretty upset. His Sure Steps will help support his ankles so he doesn’t have to put as much energy and effort into keeping his feet in line when he’s trying to stand. Then he’ll be able to use his energy in the rest of his body to stay upright. We’re excited to see what progress he makes after this!


Look, Mom! New kicks!



We are currently in the midst of another snow storm and school has just been canceled for tomorrow. Therefore, we’ll be huddled inside to play! As pretty as it is, I’m hoping this is the last storm of the winter. I’m ready to get this spring in motion!

What’s your favorite thing to do on a snow day?




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  1. Kenzie says:

    Oh my! I felt like I was just reading about Rowan 🙂 He army crawls and rolls everywhere!! I bought his some flexible sole shoes with ankle support a month or so ago to. We haven’t got him sure steps yet (the therapist just mentioned the other day we need to start thinking about what we want to do for his ankles). It’s so fun to hear that Rowan and Sam are doing some of the same things! I hope you’re all well. Maybe when it warms up we can do a picnic at the park 🙂 stay warm for now!

    • Hi Kenzie! Yes, let’s definitely get together for a walk when it warms up a little. Sam would love playing with Rowan. He’s very interested in others his age. I hope everything is going well for you & your sweet family!

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