One Year Photo Shoot

Here they are! We had photos taken two weeks ago, just two days before Ella’s birthday, at Lief Ericson park. The weather was gorgeous and Ella had a new dress for the occasion. A few of the photos have been posted on the photographer’s blog. Simply click here to see them!

An enormous thank you goes to Sara Montour, photographer extraordinaire, for the beautiful images. Sara and I go all the way back to our high school days in Pequot Lakes where we participated in all kinds of crazy shenanigans on the weekends. We both ended up going to UMD, but hadn’t seen each other for somewhere around five years before the shoot. She has been living and doing photography in Washington state and was back touring through Minnesota, seeing friends, and taking photos. We’re glad we got to work with her on these photos that so perfectly capture our little girl. More of her creative work can be seen on her website at


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