Must Be Summer!


running errands in mama’s heels

Summer! We’re loving it! Ella has been out of school for three weeks and we are on full summer mode. The only thing missing is summer heat, though I’m okay taking that part in moderation. It usually takes a while for Duluth to warm up, so in the next couple weeks we’ll probably start seeing it climb to the 80s. I know, I know. All of you anywhere south of us are probably thinking 80 sounds cool. But that’s life on Lake Superior! We usually get two hot weeks, but those don’t come around until August. Until then, we shall soak in our ‘pseudo-summer.’


dancing after dinner with daddy


The biggest adjustment since Ella graduated from kindergarten has been getting used to the schedule. She does best when she has something structured outside the house each day, so I registered her for something each week in the mornings. Last week was theatre camp and this week is nature camp. I had this grand idea that I would drop her off each morning at nine, run errands with Sam, he would nap a bit while I wrote or cleaned up the house, and then we would eat and leave to get Ella. Lovely, right? Well, somehow in my planning I forgot that Sam has therapies three mornings a week and I lead a moms’ Bible study on Tuesday mornings. That leaves one morning a week when we aren’t going from drop off to therapy to errands to pick up. Four weeks following nature camp will be tennis, which is only 45 minutes in the morning, so we might have a little more down time, but then we still have therapies and, still, we have just one car. I tried to plan well but clearly left a few details out of the calculations. Oops! At least we’re having fun!


a sleepy boy at Trader Joe’s


With all the running in the mornings, my afternoons have been filled with errands and Kenya prep and meetings while the kids are at home with our dear Ms Donna. I would be struggling with this schedule if we didn’t have her with the kids four afternoons a week. I really need the time to get the big tasks done. Unfortunately, that leaves me with very little, if any, time to write. I’m so relieved to have a quick hour today to squeeze in some writing time. I’ve realized that my writing is how I focus my thoughts and my heart, whether it’s blogging here or journaling or writing long, hand-written notes to friends. When I don’t get any alone time to write, I start to feel jumbled and anxious. I’m taking a deep breath right now, sipping an iced chai, and getting my thoughts in order. I have really, really needed this.


pictures with Sara


Next week is Ella and Sam’s birthday party! I wrote not too long ago about their upcoming pirate and mermaid party. I’ve been working on projects here and there to have it put together in time. It turned out that we have to have it on a Tuesday afternoon. I was a little worried about scheduling it for that time, but parents seem to be happy to have something to do with the kids on a summer afternoon. The grandparents even get to join us! And we did make that pinata I mentioned. Ella was interested at first, but once she realized that paper mache is pretty messy, she no longer wanted to participate. Not at all what I was expecting. So I did a good part of it. We have to put on the finishing touches, and then I’ll post a photo. As for the rest of the party, I’m working to primarily use materials I already have, but there were a few little things I decided to purchase. I know we’re not buying extra stuff right now, but they are having a combined party, which saves a lot of money, and sweet Sam hardly had a party last year. We just met a few friends at a playground and had cookies and juice boxes. Am I making excuses for spending? Yes. Yes, I am. I love hosting parties! I spent some money, and that’s just the way of it. The party is going to be adorable!


making of the pinata


My hour at the coffee shop is nearly over, so I must wrap up. Pete needs the car in 15 minutes. I hope you are all enjoying your summer! I’d love to hear what your favorite part has been so far or what the weather is like where you are. It must be warmer than Duluth, right? đŸ˜‰



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