Miss Ella’s First Day



On Tuesday this week, our big girl made the journey by bus for her first day as a kindergartener. I was thankful to have Pete by my side as she walked up those bus steps like she had done it a hundred times before. What was I expecting? A hesitant, questioning glance back over her shoulder as she climbed slowly up the steps? Not Ella. The girl who approaches new experiences with more confidence than her mama possesses on any given day. The girl who makes friends at every turn and who proudly introduces every member of the family to anyone who has an ear to listen. She was more than ready for this next big adventure. She marched right up those bus stairs and into the world of formal education.

That’s partly true. Miss Ella began her ‘formal education’ two years ago as a three-year-old at a local Montessori school. The fact she’s been going to school every week day since then made today a world easier for me. I remember sitting alone, folding clothes in a very quiet house while tiny baby Sammy slept. And I cried. Entering kindergarten for Ella isn’t a whole lot different from what she’s already been doing. She’s with the same teacher and most of the same students, ages three to five. She started eating a cold lunch at school last year, so that part was routine. The two big changes now – she rides the bus and she stays two hours longer in the day.

We’re all getting used to the new routine. School begins mercifully late compared to most at a beautiful 9am. That means we don’t need alarm clocks to wake up with plenty of time to get ready. She steps on the bus at 8:50 and steps off at 3:12. My favorite part about the bus and the longer day is that I no longer have to wake Sam from his morning nap to pick up Ella. We can be out in the mornings, visitng friends and running errands, and he can still get in a full nap. We’re only on day three of this schedule, but we’re fairly in love with it. While Sam naps, I work out, clean up, prep meals, and get ready for our move. Ella hasn’t taken an actual afternoon nap in about a year, but she is used to having quiet time to rest. Now she really needs it after her long day. Yesterday, she actually fell asleep sitting up while trying to play with Sam. Overall, we’re all enjoying the new, fall schedule. And since it’s even feeling a lot like fall here in the north, it all seems like the natural progression.


Sadly, friends, we won’t be making our much anticipated move to the shore tomorrow. We received a call yesterday informing us that our lender needs a bit more time to process everything. We’re trying not to get too down about it, but we had our hearts set on being in our new space this weekend and settling in while Pete works on Sunday. Ella was a little confused since her paper chain tells her we have just one day left, but I was very proud of how well she took the news. The estate sale company will still begin their work in the house on Monday, so we’re considering our options. We don’t know when the new closing date will be set, but when it is, Ella will be making a new paper chain and we’ll all count the days!

As we prepare to move, will you please be praying over our family? It seems that in the last week many things have been coming against us, and I don’t question that it’s Satan trying to kick us down. Last week our bank account was compromised in a very unsettling way. We had to close all of our accounts and switch to another bank. That’s no small task. Then Ella was sick with a stomach bug all weekend while Pete was working. Tuesday night, when I finally had an opportunity to leave the house for the first time in three days, I discovered that my Jeep wouldn’t start. We had her towed, got a new alternator, and she returned to us today. And now Sam is uncomfortably sick with a slight fever. He has needed constant cuddles (which I don’t mind!), but it’s hard to see him feeling so awful. Even with all this going on, I feel like we’re staying positive and moving forward. It’s all just a touch slower than we had hoped with messed up accounts, sick kids, no car, and unsure housing.

One way I’m staying positive is by gathering things for the kids’ room. I love love love to decorate, but most of the condo is already decorated, so I’m grabbing on to this little project. I have just about everything other than a few prints for small frames. Nothing too fancy, but good heavens am I excited!




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  1. kate says:

    I love the idea of doing a character profile for each year. How clever and what fun that will be to look back on in later years.

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