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I’ve been looking forward to having Way on the blog all month, and today is the day! Four-year-old Way is similar to my Sammy in many ways, making the chats I get to have with his mama, Lindley,  so encouraging and real. You can find Lindley and her family on Instagram as @OurMorningGlories and on her blog Our Morning Glories.


What would Way do if he could design his own day?
If Way could design his own day, it would definitely include a trip to the park to play on the playground and swings. Probably followed up with a trip out to the store (he loves running errands with me because he is a social butterfly)! Then, I think he’d choose going to hippotherapy, where he gets to ride his fave horse, Gwinnie, or to music class (he loves music)! Or maybe the library or storytime, because he can’t pass up a good book! We’d have to include time to play with his brothers, too. And to top off his day, he’d vote for a bubble bath for sure!!


 Who does he love to spend time with?
He absolutely adores his 3 big brothers and the feeling is mutual!

What does he do with his brothers?
They love to play together, which often involves big brothers making up crazy songs and encouraging Way to repeat them! Big bros love to read to Way and help teach him how to do basic tasks! They have a contest every morning to see who can go into Way’s room the fastest—it’s playtime before they head off to school!


What is something you want everyone to know about them?
I want everyone to know that Way and others born with Down syndrome are fearfully and wonderfully made! God makes no mistakes and that includes ALL of us! Way brings joy to everyone who interacts with him and loves so fiercely it’s unbelievable!

What have been good resources for you to learn more about Down syndrome?
For me, the technical books haven’t had as much of an influence as I thought they would. I expected things to be so different when we found out about his diagnosis while I was pregnant with him. However, Way truly is more alike than different!! So the best resources for me are often the ones I find in relationships. Meeting people in town who have loved ones with DS and the Insta community as well have both been very helpful!




Check back tomorrow as we continue celebrating Down Syndrome Awareness Month or click below to read all of our previous posts.






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