Meet Nolan


Meet Nolan! Today, this smart, five-year-old is helping us celebrate day 9 of Down Syndrome Awareness Month. Nolan’s mom, Melissa, tells us a few sweet things about her boy and what makes him unique. You can find Melissa as @melifin on Instagram.



What are some things Nolan thoroughly enjoys doing?
Nolan LOVES doing puzzles. We call him “The Puzzler” because he is so good at them. I don’t just mean the little kid puzzles with the knobs either –I mean real jigsaw puzzles, around 30 pieces. He has a few favorites that he can whip through in mere seconds, but also enjoys the challenge of a new puzzle, too. His brain is just wired to see how all the pieces fit together. And he’s always eager for an audience to congratulate him on a completed puzzle. Nolan also LOVES being outside. He really enjoys digging in the dirt with his shovel in the backyard, playing with our dog, and playgrounds are his happy place.

What are his favorite and least favorite foods?
Nolan is a bit of picky eater, as he has some texture aversions, but he has never met a fruit he doesn’t like. I have trouble keeping fresh fruit stocked in our house because he can eat way more than the daily recommended servings of fruits. He’s also very passionate about Popsicles and French fries.

What are his favorite books?
Nolan loves books in general, but one specific kind of book he likes is Search and Find books. I think it appeals to the same part of his brain that loves puzzles. 😊



Who is Nolan’s favorite movie or cartoon character?
Nolan tends to obsess over one show/character for several months, then jump to a new obsession. He revisits past obsessions, but always has a current favorite. He loves Curious George, and is just coming out of a major Paw Patrol obsession, but Peppa Pig is #1 right now.

Who does he love to spend time with? What do they do?
Nolan is a family guy. He is happiest when Mom, Dad, and little sister are all home, and in the same room together with him. He will pull us by our hands into the dining room and make us all sit down at the table to eat, or so we can watch him do puzzles. Whether we’re playing, eating, or sitting around talking, anytime we’re all together, he’s happiest.

What have been good resources for you to learn more about Down syndrome?
Our local Down syndrome association has been a great resource and support for us! I also enjoyed the book Immeasurably More by Linda Aalderink and reading Down syndrome blogs.



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