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Gracie!! Do you remember this sweet face from her post a year ago? Oh, she just melts me! Miss Gracie is two-and-a-half now and you can see her on her mama’s Instagram feed @jme027 and on their blog Thank you for celebrating with us today, Gracie and Jamie!


What are Gracie’s favorite or least favorite foods?
Gracie loves all food. She has quite a personality and it comes out in full force when she is eating yummy food. I joked on her first day of school chalkboard that she wanted to be a food critic when she grows up! She loves any sweets, but every day she usually eats avocados, green smoothies, hummus and crackers, and PBJs! She eats better than my 5-year-old.


What has Gracie taught her brother? What has he taught her?
One of the things I most passionate about is God’s calling on my life to spread the word that Gracie is #morealikethandifferent . She loves her precious brother, Gage, and he adores her. Whenever we talk to Gage about Gracie and how she has Down syndrome, we always tell him that she is just like him, but may need a little extra help and a little extra cheering. He has taken that advice and blown us away by how loving and compassionate he is with her. He has extended that same compassion to others with special needs and it is clear to me what a blessing Gracie is to him as he grows. He can’t help but be better because of her, and so are we. He is her greatest teacher, too. If he sees me working with her on something, he wants to do it.


What is something you want everyone to know about your daughter?

Gracie is not a burden to us. She is a blessing to us in every way. Gage will be a more compassionate, loving, encouraging person because he has had the opportunity to grow up with Gracie. And Gracie? She will forever have a big brother that will change the world for her. He knows God created Gracie perfectly and he wants to spread the word that Down syndrome is awesome.



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