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Today I am happy to introduce you to 3 year-old Carter Vadim and his 2 year-old little Sister! I met their mama, Carly, on Instagram after Carter was adopted when he was just 7 months old. Then, a few months ago, Sister joined their family. While they complete the adoption process, Sister’s identity is being kept private, which is why we don’t see her face in the following photos. I’m just so glad Carly was open to sharing her beautiful children with us! Adoption is such an incredible part of building a family. In fact, we have multiple families coming up this month who have grown their family through adoption. If you’ve read our adoption story, you’ll know it is something we long to do as a family, as well. You can find Carly on her blog Jovial State of Mind and on Instagram as @nurseicarly.



What are Carter’s and Sister’s favorite foods?
Carter Vadim loves blueberries. He loves all fruit but he will ask about blueberries at least once a day. Sister had been primarily fed via a gastronomy tube until she came to our home 3 months ago. Now she is eating pureed food like a champ. The first time we introduced a spoon to her she had no idea how to even close her mouth around the spoon. It is so great to see how well she is doing so fast. She loves avocados. She also has thing for all things sour. She loves to munch on pickles or limes.

What are their favorite things to watch?
We are huge Signing Time fans in our house. We have learned so many signs to help build our growing vocabs. We are also huge Wiggles groupies. They have their own sign for The Wiggles and they will both ask for it anytime we see a TV anywhere. Carter loves the books Big Red Barn and Barnyard Dance.

What are a few things Carter and Sister are really good at?
I am that mom that obnoxiously thinks her babies are amazing at everything they do (has anyone seen The Goldbergs). I seriously got Carter a medal from Dollar Tree the other day because he was the cutest eater ever! He really is good at physical things: running, climbing, DANCING, forward rolls, ninja rolls, etc. He is a mover and squirmer. He has become a great greeter. He loves to shake hands or give high fives to welcome or say hello to everyone he meets. Sister is a sponge. I will say something to her once and she immediately is trying to repeat it or do it. I cannot wait to see how she continues to grow and learn.


How are their personalities similar or different from each other?
Carter and Sister have some similar personality traits but are also very unique. It is a great example of how it is an incorrect assumption to stereotype people with Trisomy 21 as all happy or with a certain personality. Carter is always on the move and loves to greet and say hello to EVERYONE. He is also a bit more sensitive about certain things. He becomes tearful with loud sudden noises, gets told no, or even if other children get in trouble. He is tender-hearted. Sister can be more easy going about most things but she also has a lot of SASS. She is not afraid to tell you “No” with her hands on her hips. She is sweet but spunky.

What is the most wonderful part of being their mama?
They bring us such joy and they constantly are grounding us to remember the value and worth of every person we encounter every day. I am so thankful for how they have opened my heart and eyes to love more. They are my reminder to choose love over fear.



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