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Day 8 of Down Syndrome Awareness Month is brought to you by Ari! I met Ari’s mama, Lacey, on Instagram just after Sam was born. Ari is four, just like my Sam. I can’t tell you how great it is to have other moms on this journey who are in such a similar place in life as we are. Today, Lacey shares a few fun things about her boy. You can find these two on Instagram as @laceyhochman and on Lacey’s blog



Who is Ari’s favorite cartoon or movie character?
His current favorite cartoon is Little Einsteins. I love hearing him quote lines from the show when we aren’t watching it. Every episode features an artist and a classical piece of music. The other day, I smiled so big when I heard him exclaim, “Yaaaaay Mozart!!”


What would he do if he could design his own day?
He would get up, jump on our bed with his sister, then go downstairs for breakfast, which would be a plain tortilla. He would then go out back, turn on the hose, and proceed to douse everything in water, particularly his poor little sister! We would then go to the nature and science museum or the zoo. For lunch, we would go out for pizza and fruit snacks. There would definitely not be a nap. 🙂 Instead, we would watch Frozen, and have a tickle/wrestling match on the floor.  We would finish the day with a “dance party,” and lots of splashing in the bath. There would also be lots of singing throughout the day!


What are a few things Ari does well?
Ari is really great at speaking. He talks all the time and has an amazing vocabulary. He is really social, and that has helped so much with his transition into preschool. He is also very adept, physically. There isn’t a single physical activity that he cannot do.  Of course, I most appreciate his ability to make us smile and laugh. He is such a goofball!



We’ll be doing a little traveling for a training session right before we leave for Kenya this winter, and we just might get to meet Ari and his family! If so, I’ll certainly post photos of the boys together. Thank you for being a part of our celebration this month, Lacey & Ari!



Check back tomorrow as we continue celebrating Down Syndrome Awareness Month or click below to read all of our previous posts.




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