Maira Marie Has Arrived!

Early on the morning of Friday, February 18, my newest niece Maira Marie said hello to the world. Weighing 9 1/2 pounds and measuring 22 inches, she surprised us all. What a girl! And look at all that hair. It’s just like her big sister, Malena’s, when she was born.

She looks just like Mama Bex did in her baby pictures.

And here’s the proud big sister!

Daddy Darell with his girls.

Grandma Scott showed Ella her new baby cousin.

Ella was amazed. She loves babies.

Malena has been staying with us since early Thursday morning. We’re pretty close buddies now.

Proud Uncle Jake.

My baby niece. What a doll. Her middle name is after me! I love that.

We’re so blessed to welcome another healthy little girl into the Scott family. Congratulations, Becky & Darell. You’ve got two beautiful girls.


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  1. How precious! Congrats to your family! She is a cutie!

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