Just Outside our House

Just outside our house are a few great areas for exploring, especially for the kids.

Sammy loves walking down the path to the gate that leads up to the hospital. There are often boda bodas (motorbikes) that go up and down the road, along with a lot of foot traffic, so there’s always something interesting to watch!

One of our neighbors has a little area next to their house with tortoises and bunnies. Sam adores the bunnies.

He’s always up for a chat with the tortoises.

Chepto likes to try feeding the bunnies.

Ella and Sam both play nearly every day at another neighbor’s house, which I can see from our porch. It’s a perfect set up. I think here Sam was strategizing his next move.

He’s always such fun, making sure other kids are having a good time. Right after this, he pushed them down the hill.

This past weekend, we walked with friends to the river near us. The river creates hydroelectric power for the hospital and surrounding homes, including ours.

We laughed at these cows, wondering how on earth they hang on to the steep bank while grazing. Impressive.

Next time we walk down to the river, we’ll be sure to take a picnic with us. There was a beautiful, flat place to sit right by the water just beyond this bridge.

We love this area! Thick trees, hills, a river, all surrounded by lush tea plantations. We hope to go into town soon to do a bit more exploring. Always so many new things to see!



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  1. Casey says:

    Thank you for the update, fun to see the photos and know just where they were taken from. Love you guys!!

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