J&G's Wedding

Last Sunday we drove to Duluth for Ella’s first wedding. John & Gillian were married on a beautiful evening not far from the North Shore of Lake Superior. Ang worked with Gillian at the Duluth Vineyard Church for a couple years. They also went through VLI together, a two-year church leadership training program. A real treat of the evening for us was during dinner. One, Famous Dave’s catered, and two, there were plenty of willing people to hold Ella. It was a little bit like we were on a date!

Congratulations, John & Gillian!!


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  1. Ang, you dyed your hair!!!! At first I wondered who that was, then I realized it was you with dark hair! Looks good!
    Charlotte loved looking at the pictures of “Baby Ewa” and the farm animals. 🙂

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