{inspired} The Best Yes

It can be incredibly difficult as women and moms and sisters and wives to determine the best times to say yes or no to things that pop up in our lives. Sometimes we feel we need to say yes out of obligation or because we feel guilty, even if we don’t actually want to do the thing we’re saying yes to. Other times, we want to say yes to something we will truly enjoy, but it may leave us feeling drained or rushed or will take away from other important areas in our lives. Lysa TerKeurst’s The Best Yes is a insightful look at why we feel the need to constantly say yes and the goodness of saying no. It is filled with thought-provoking questions and inspiring scripture references. After leading my small group of mamas through the book last spring, I have recommended it to so many girl friends. Guys can certainly read it, too, but it’s really a better fit for the girls. I wanted to tell you about it so you have an opportunity to read it, as well. If you want a little glimpse into who Lysa is and get a taste of her writing style, check out her blog at LysaTerKeurst.com.  She is a wonderful woman of God with wonderful words to encourage women along life’s path.

Lysa Book Collage


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