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Oh, my dear friends, we have completed our mission application! Pete & I submitted the last pieces of our full applications last week and are now preparing to fly to the mission headquarters for a weekend of getting to know each other and face-to-face interviews. We’ll be going with the other half of our team, Eli & Krista, while all littles but baby Kai stay behind. We believe we’ll find out if we’re accepted with this organization around the end of May, at which time we’ll share the name of the organization. To know we’re moving ahead with our dreams of Africa in this way is incredibly exciting! We’ll keep you posted on news as it comes our way.

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For the past two weeks, I have been loving Hidden In My Heart, a gift we chose for the kids on Easter. I discovered it on Amazon while looking at other music and was intrigued by the simple description ‘a lullaby journey through scripture.‘ I’ve wanted something to play in the kids’ room at night, so we decided to try it. I can now tell you that I am so in love with the music on this disc that I have kept it in the car so we can all listen to it together. It has the feel of a beautifully orchestrated soundtrack with all lyrics drawn from Scripture. I will eventually put it in the kids’ room where it can surround them in Scripture as they drift to sleep, but for now, it’s serving the good purpose of calming my antsy littles as we drive. It would make a beautiful gift for the little ones in each of our lives!

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