In the Forest

This is a very happy place. I’m sitting at a picnic table while Pete builds a fire, Sam rests in the camper, and Ella cuts grass with her child-size scissors, which she’s very enthusiastic about. The smell of campfire is one of my absolutely favorite scents. I wish I could trap it in a bottle and open it in my house while I wrap up on a chilly day with a cup of coffee and an enticing book. I know they have candles that attempt to replicate the scent, but we all know it’s just not the same. And I don’t have a wood burning fire place. Instead, I’ll store away the memory of it right now and save it for late fall. Mmmm.

Tuesday we made the short, 45-minute drive to join my parents at one of their favorite state parks. We set up camp and then sat back to relax in the warm, fresh air.

Sam is just the right size to sit in one of Grandpa & Grandpa’s camping chairs. Ella was bursting to share all her newest stories with a captive audience.

We went on a couple hikes, which this guy loves.

Becky and her girls joined us on Wednesday morning and we took a hike out to the lake.
We’ve had campfire meals, hot chocolate, more smores than we can count, and two bee stings. Fortunately they were on me, not the kids. I discovered a hive while playing Frisbee last night. I’m not allergic, so all was okay. This morning we woke to sunny skies and big appetites.
We’re about to pack up and head home. We always wish we could stay longer. We have a date planned tonight before Pete heads into a pretty intense week of work. We’re looking ahead to plan our next camping adventure!





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