In Memory of Sweet Nicholas

When our Samuel was born nearly four years ago, we became a part of a family we hadn’t really known existed. We were introduced slowly in the first weeks following his birth, but a few months later, we were fully immersed. Our Down syndrome family has become an incredibly important part of who I am as a mom. I rely on the support and wisdom of those who are ahead of me on this journey, and I walk through daily routines and celebrations with those who are at this same place. We really do live life together through the magic of Instagram and blogs and Facebook. Because we are walking a unique, challenging, wonderful journey together, we are very tightly knit. Many of us have never met face-to-face, but we really do feel as close as family. Because of this, when something happens to a part of our family, we are all effected in some way. Sometimes that means we celebrate and shout for joy together. And sometimes that means we cry and grieve together.

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Nearly two weeks ago, our Down syndrome family received devastating news. After fighting a sudden illness, our dear Nicholas Love passed away. Four year-old Nic, with the brightest smile and the sweetest little Australian-accented voice. Through Instagram and his mum’s blog,, I got to know Nic and Annie. Nic was only a couple months older than our Sam. When they were younger, I always thought they looked like they could be brothers. Annie was one of the very first mamas I found on Instagram. She’s a part what I consider to be my core group on this parenting journey.

I’m sad our boys didn’t get a chance to meet. And I’m absolutely heartbroken for Nic’s dear family. But I know Nic touched so many lives. And that will not be forgotten. He will not be forgotten. Darling Nicholas, you will forever be in our hearts.

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Yesterday, Annie posted The Impossible Task: Writing a Eulogy for Our Four Year Old on her blog. Beautiful, beautiful words. Annie, you are so very loved.




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