Five on Friday

Today I’m trying something fun & linking up with The Good Life blog for Five on Friday! Here are five of the best things from the past week, in no particular order:


{ONE} The Kenya Dress

Ella wanted to wear her special dress from Kenya to school this week. I can never resist. It’s so sweet on her. She spins on the wood floor to see how well it twirls, which it does quite well.

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{TWO} Puddles

Before the snow started falling again in a great white fog, we spent a lot of time outside, running through puddles and getting stuck in mud. No joke, I had to lift Ella right out of her boots after she went to her ankles in the sloppy stuff and couldn’t budge. The picture of melting snow was incredible. And then we got another foot of the white stuff.

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{THREE} Erin’s Engagement

Erin & I took this photo almost seven years ago just weeks before Pete & I got married. Erin, a dear friend I knew from church, was one of my bridesmaids. And now she’s engaged! She called to share the news on Sunday that David had proposed the day before on her 30th birthday. I’m so happy for them!!



{FOUR} Sister Time

I went to my sister’s yesterday to hang out when we decided to run to the mall to get our nails done together. I don’t think we’ve ever done that! I went back to a beloved blue/minty color that I’ve used before. It was so nice to be together without the kids for something so girly.

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{FIVE} Sleepy Boy

This darling boy must be growing! He has been sleeping a whole lot this week. I’m glad we don’t have much planned for the weekend so I won’t have to wake him from his long, peaceful slumbers.

photo 2


2014-04-18 01.45.47 pm



Are you ready for Easter? If we’re talking about being decorated with baskets filled & eggs dyed, then I am so not ready! But we’ve been preparing our hearts, reading stories about Jesus and talking about why we celebrate Easter. Ella has lots of questions. I feel like the answer to so many questions is simply Jesus, which Ella exclaims with excitement when we ask her questions. It’s like when I was in Bible school and, if we didn’t know the answer, we would respond to questions with “Jesus!” and laugh. But isn’t that the truth? The answer really is Jesus. Pure & simple. Without Jesus, what would be the point? There would be no hope at the end of all the work of life. God sent his precious Son to this place because he loves us, his children, so dearly and that’s how he was able to ensure we’ll be with him for eternity. Jesus. Knowing that, we are more than ready to celebrate this weekend!


2014-04-18 01.38.26 pm[free printable courtesy of French Press Mornings]



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  1. Sister time is the best! Both of my sisters live far away =(
    I would love if you would stop by and link up with me today!

  2. Confession: I’ve never had my nails done.

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