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Y’all, we’ve got all kinds of photos over here. I just haven’t been posting as fast as I’m taking them! Let’s be honest, though. I haven’t been posting much in general. I won’t hide the fact that sometimes I just don’t know where to start. I want to write, but it can be a bit intimidating when I don’t know how to say what’s in my mind. I suppose that’s the challenge of a writer, though, trying to turn jumbly thoughts into flowing words. Sometimes, it just doesn’t happen.

(And can I just tell you how many times a day the word – or phrase – y’all runs through my head? I blame all my southern Instagram friends. And the fact that it just works really well in so many situations! So I’m not deleting y’all from the top of this post today, in honor of all the southern lovelies.)

A few weeks ago, Ella and I were on our way to see the new Cinderella when Pete and Sam decided to join us. Sam’s first trip to the movie theater! He absolutely loved it. I wish I could have taken pictures of him. He sat on Pete’s lap while munching popcorn the entire movie. During a few of the scenes, like when the pumpkin was turned into a coach, he clapped and danced! It was adorable! We all really enjoyed the movie.


Sam especially liked the popcorn.


I recently added a little blonde to my hair. I had to think about it for a few weeks since we’re trying not to spend money right now. It had been six months since I last had my hair done, which is a bit longer that I tend to go when my hair is dark. It was fading quite a bit, so it was lovely to get a fresh do. Blonde! Does this mean summer is right around the corner?!


Sweet boy didn’t want to sleep the night before I was leaving for a weekend conference in Dallas. I can’t resist his charm, even when I really need to pack and it’s way past his bedtime.


While I was in Dallas, Daddy bundled these two and took them for their first bike ride of the season! We have access to bikes and Burleys through our condo association. We definitely plan to use them a lot on the Lakewalk this summer!


We’re not far down the trail from Perkins, where these sweeties shared sprinkle pancakes and root beer. Aren’t they adorable?


How big is this kid?! Crazy enough, he just keeps growing. I still can’t believe he’s going to be three next month!


Now that the ice has melted off the lake, the ships are back. It’s pretty great to see them out nearly every day again. Ella and I have been following them on the Duluth Shipping News website, where we can watch them pass under the lift bridge on a webcam. She likes to look through the binoculars to read each ship’s name when they pass the house.


I’ve been doing a bit more baking recently. Mostly it’s for the kids, but I got a little excited about what looked like an incredible recipe and forgot they might not eat something with ingredients like whole wheat flour, flax seed meal, oats, and whey. Bummer! I thought they were amazing, but the wee ones weren’t super impressed. I have to work with their tastes a little more to get them liking whole wheat flour.

We’ve been soaking in the sunshine outside! Last week was gorgeous and we were out a lot. The little taste of warm weather got us super excited to be out on the shore all summer!


Sam had a great time at physical therapy last week. He worked so hard! His favorite part? The ball pit. Always.


This sweet girl was on a date with Daddy last week when they found me writing at Caribou. I just love her!


He figured out where the rain was coming from!


Sam’s Tiny Toms finally fit! I ordered them on Zulily two years ago, knowing we’d have to wait a while. They’re just a touch big, so he’ll definitely be able to wear them all summer. Yay!


Last week, Sammy baby made a quick trip to Saver’s with me. I think he likes his new shoes, too!


These aren’t all the pictures, but it’s a start! We love sharing our days with you!


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  1. This post just made me so so happy! I love little updates like this, since they really show a peak into all aspects of life! I love little TOMS – shoes my kids will certainly have! I think I did a Caribou/coffee date for myself to get my blog life in order and just let the thoughts spill out.

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