Colorado: Day 8

This was the first day that we saw a lot of rain. We began the morning with all-you-can-eat pancakes here at the campground (yum!) and spent the rest of the morning playing games in the cabin. After we all took an afternoon nap, it finally cleared enough to venture toward Mount Rushmore.
When we arrived, the fog was just rolling out. What a sight it was! We hiked all around the monument, explored history exhibits, ate buffalo chili in the cafe, and watched the evening lighting ceremony just after dark. A full afternoon & evening.
Now we’re packed up an ready to hit the road at 5am tomorrow. Ella & I will be back in Duluth by midnight. It’s been a great trip, but I can’t wait to see Pete! Ten days is enough for me. 🙂
1: the fog rolling out as we arrived at Mount Rushmore
2: with my girlie
3: a view from under their noses
4: somebody should be watxhin that kid…
5: a girl in a cave


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