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{inspired} The Best Yes

It can be incredibly difficult as women and moms and sisters and wives to determine the best times to say yes or no to things that pop up in our lives. Sometimes we feel we need to say yes out of obligation or because we feel guilty, even if we don’t actually want to do the thing we’re saying yes to. Other times, we want to say yes to something we will truly enjoy, but it may leave us feeling drained or rushed or will take away from other important areas in our lives. Lysa TerKeurst’s The Best Yes is a insightful look at why we feel the need to constantly say yes and the goodness of saying no. It is filled with thought-provoking questions and inspiring scripture references. After leading my small group of mamas through the book last spring, I have recommended it to so many girl friends. Guys can certainly read it, too, but it’s really a better fit for the girls. I wanted to tell you about it so you have an opportunity to read it, as well. If you want a little glimpse into who Lysa is and get a taste of her writing style, check out her blog at  She is a wonderful woman of God with wonderful words to encourage women along life’s path.

Lysa Book Collage


Have you read any inspiring books lately? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!


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{inspired} She Reads Truth

I have been inspired by so many amazing resources in the last few months, and I keep thinking, maybe a few of you in my blog family would like these as much as I do! So I’m going to try to get a handful of {inspired} posts put together for you over the next few weeks. Let’s start with one I use nearly every day.
Do you know about She Reads Truth? It’s a super encouraging website consisting of many different devotional collections and Bible reading plans for women. Each day, SRT posts a new devotional to their current series, but you can access old collections for free on their website. A few recent plans include Esther, Hosea, Hebrews, The Risen Christ, and Hospitality.

In addition to their website, SRT has apps for both iPhone and Android. I love the convenience of their free iPhone app, which includes the complete Bible in a few versions and artistic lock screens and photos with inspiring verses and quotes. The actual devotionals do cost money, but they are only a couple dollars for each series and you can then get them right on your phone. Since we’re not spending anything extra right now, I added a link to their website on my home screen where I can access the devotionals for free. Both options are great!

If you’re looking for a beautifully written, encouraging devotion to help you get in the Word every day, I definitely recommend She Reads Truth.

Do you have a favorite devotional book or resource?


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{inspired} I Run 4

Do you workout? Ever think it’d be nice to have a little more motivation to get your workouts in? I Run 4 is a perfect reason to get your run in, to complete your yoga workout, or go for a long walk.

I was first introduced to I Run 4 one year ago. The organization started in January 2013 when a runner named Tim started dedicating his runs to a guy named Michael, who has Down syndrome. A few friends joined Tim in dedicating their miles, which started that official group. By September of 2014, the group had grown to 30,000 members consisting of runners and their buddies. That’s crazy growth!

I began following IRun4 on Facebook last spring. Being a part of the Facebook group has been wonderful. Every time I check Facebook, I see at least a couple posts from a few runners to their buddies or from the buddies to their runners. They encourage one another and celebrate the big & small events of their lives. It’s a beautiful group that is creating awareness of many conditions and building relationships between families all around the world.  This video is a small gimpse into the awesomeness of this group!

Finally, last fall I decided to complete the form and get a buddy for Sam. Just a few days later, we got a very exciting Facebook message that Sam had been matched! Kim has been clocking miles through the bitterly cold winter months and dedicating them to our little man. She posts her progress on my wall or with the iRun4 group with cute graphics and sweet pictures. I always show them to Sam who smiles and points at the pictures. Of course, he doesn’t quite understand what it’s all about quite yet but he will before long.  Sam will continue to be Kim’s buddy while we’re in Kenya, because all we’ll need is a connection to Facebook, and most days we will have that! We do hope to someday meet Kim in real life so Sam can cheer her on during a race and maybe even run across the finish line with her. Wouldn’t that be amazing?


Not only does Sam have a buddy, but as of last night, Ella does, too! The organization has developed the irun4 sibling group to develop relationships between runners and siblings of those in the iRun4 group. Ella is going to be thrilled to connect with her runner. It will be her own special thing.  I can’t wait to tell her after school!

Do you know someone who would be interested in matching up with a runner or buddy? Send them to! I especially encourage you to do this if you know anyone who is not able to run, no matter their age. The list of runners is quite long, but buddies are not as plentiful. Let’s help spread the word and get more runners and buddies connected!



Last-Minute Life-Changing Christmas Gifts

There are only a couple days left until Christmas and I know not all of us may have finished our Christmas shopping yet. It’s okay! These three organizations have some fantastic gifts that mean a whole lot more than a random gift picked up at the store on the corner. Even if you don’t need any more gifts for your family or friends, I still encourage you to check out their websites. They are doing some incredible things around the world!

Christmas Gifts



Formerly Compassion International, our family has been a part of this organization for more than five years. They have an online catalog filled with gifts that truly change the lives of mothers, widows, and children all over the world. A few examples: baby’s medical care for one year, provide a newborn care package, provide safe drinking water, provide shelter for children at risk. You can purchase the gift right now and then print a card at home or send an e-card to tell your recipient about the gift you’ve given in their name. Make it as last-minute as you want!


Last week I hosted a Sole Hope shoe cutting party to help make shoes for kids who desperately need them in Uganda. Sole Hope provides jobs for those who put the shoes together in Uganda and then gives shoes to children to protect their feet from tiny little bugs that crawl up in their feet and lay eggs. It’s incredibly painful. The cost of sponsoring one pair of shoes in $10. You can donate directly to Sole Hope or you can purchase something from their shop that will also help provide funds for the shoes.

3. NO. 41

I learned about No. 41 after meeting their founder at a conference last year and absolutely love what they are doing for students in Rwanda. This is an organization that provides meals for kids who would otherwise go without. A simple donation of $5 provides a month of 2 meals a day (20 meals!) for students. You can purchase the gift and then print a card right from their website. They also have bags & shirts that can be purchased if you’d like to give an actual gift to a friend. The proceeds then go to providing lots of meals for students.

We purchased gifts from all three of these organizations this year and are really looking forward to telling our gift recipients about them!

Do you have any organizations you love at Christmas? How did you find out about them?


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