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Merry Christmas From Kenya!

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After many years of dreaming, we’re thrilled to be sending our Christmas greetings this year from Kenya! Though it feels quite different from what we were¬†used to in Minnesota, we’re fully enjoying the holiday season. Here the temperatures are in the 70s, we’re surrounded by green grass, and most stores in the city have only one small aisle of Christmas treasures. We’ve spent a lot of time observing how our new friends celebrate during this season, and we’re looking forward to joining them at the Christmas Eve and Christmas morning church services to celebrate the birth of our one true King.

As you celebrate Jesus’ birth this Christmas, we pray you will experience His love in an entirely new way. May you deeply feel the joy and hope of this incredible season!

We wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Pete, Angela, Ella and Sam


A New Tradition: Gingerbread Houses

One of the great things we’ve discovered in living here at Tenwek is that there are some pretty fantastic traditions we get to add to our holiday season! Yesterday we participated in the annual making of gingerbread houses. I found a great recipe and printable template here and constructed Ella’s base for decorating the night before.

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Learning to Do School

It was just one month ago that we jumped back into homeschool, but this time things look quite different. We really only got a small taste for it back in Duluth when we started in February. I’m so glad we started a little while before moving, since it gave us an idea of what might or might not work for us here in Kenya.

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Extraordinary Moms Podcast


I first found the Extraodinary Moms Podcast when my dear friend, Anna, shared a link to an episode she had been a part of last spring. I started binge listening in the middle of our move in June and found so much encouragement from each of the mamas. Every story I heard was personal and unique, the common thread being Jesus and how he has encouraged each of them along the path of motherhood. I connected with Jessica Dahlquist, host of the Extraordinary Moms podcast, when I responded to one of her Instagram posts in July. We started talking and, a short time later, she invited me to be on her show. What an honor! A couple weeks ago we recorded the episode over FaceTime and today it is live!

In our interview, Jess asks me about life in Kenya, how we got here, how we held onto hope when the process to get here was so long, and how things changed when Sam was born. You can find the episode a couple different ways. One, search for Extraordinary Moms Podcast in your podcast app. Or two, click here to visit the podcast’s website and listen straight from there.

This was such a fun opportunity to share our story. I hope you enjoy listening!

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