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Photo Friday

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Harvest Festival

Before we move into the Christmas season, I need to share a few fall photos! It may not have felt like fall in Kenya, but that didn’t stop us from decorating and celebrating one of my very favorite seasons. I remember missing the changing leaves when I lived in Honduras, so I was sure to purchase a package of artificial leaves before leaving Minnesota. They were a fun addition to our harvest festival!

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Video: What About Sam?

Another video update! We’ve had lots of questions in the last few years about what life in Kenya will look like for Sam. Here’s a short overview of what he’s up to, which makes me think we should do a video with him very soon. So check back for that before long!

Also, I received Sam’s new curriculum just a few days ago and am absolutely thrilled to get started this week! After lots of searching and asking and praying, we decided to try Simply Classical from Memoria Press. It is a Classical Christian program, which means we’ll be focusing on literature and memorization along with many fine and gross motor activities (little movements for pre-writing and big movements for running & jumping). Lots of Dr Suess and Margaret Wise Brown, short Bible verses and prayers, letter tracing, songs, and nature walks. It was written by a woman with a Masters degree in special education who also has two grown children with special needs.  I’ll let you know in a few weeks how it’s working!



A Chat with Miss Ella

Here’s the interview with Ella I promised! This girl makes me laugh. She can tell story after story any day of the week to anyone she meets, but once she’s in front of the camera, she doesn’t want to say a whole lot. Oh, Ella.

I promise to show a little bit of the area around our porch in the next video!

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