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Today’s story comes from Lisa whose son, Archie, is eleven years old and has Down syndrome. I fell in love with their family when Sam was itty bitty and a friend sent me a link to the video she made of her son and daughter on World Down Syndrome Day. You can follow their journey on Lisa’s blog at and on Instagram at @eicherumba.

I met my son for the first time when he was seven years old. About a year earlier, I had fallen in love with a photo and a blurb. And finally, there he was. Standing in front of me. Arms around my neck. Speaking excitedly in Bulgarian gibberish to his new dad. Watching in wonder as his new little sister leaped up and down in uncontrollable joy.

That day our lives changed forever. This tiny seven year old ragamuffin, wearing ill fitting clothes. A boy who had been labeled “orphan” since the day he was born, would find his family. He would finally be right where he had always belonged. My daughter would have her other half. Her heart and soul. From a logistical standpoint, it would seem that our son’s life was about to change in the most drastic way. But the reality was, our son changed our lives in a greater way than we could have ever imagined or that I can even begin to put into sufficient words.


To know Archie is to love him. He is love. We reap the rewards of Down syndrome every day. When I say that Down syndrome is a blessing, I mean it. I understand how that may seem contradictory to some. I understand that fear and discomfort surrounding anything unknown, unfamiliar, or different is natural. But seeing my seven year old daughter patiently working with her eleven year old brother, teaching him how to write his name. And then to hear the squeals of joy as they are bear hug jumping up and down when he finally gets it. That is everything.



And now you must watch the video that first introduced me to this awesome family. Seriously. I just love it. If it doesn’t come up correctly on your screen, click the video and you’ll be taken to the original page on YouTube.


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