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Hello! I’m Angela, wife to Pete and mama to Ella (age 8) and Sam (age 5). We arrived in Kenya, East Africa, in June 2017, where we will be living and working indefinitely. Pete is a family physician and performs and teaches cesarean sections, a valuable skill here in Africa. He works at Tenwek Hospital and teaches in the family medicine residency program. I spend my time teaching our kids, writing, and working with the special needs clinic at the hospital (inspired by our son, Sam. read his story here). Miss Ella is in third grade, loves to read, and wants to turn everything into a math problem to solve. (She does not get her math desires from me.) She attends third grade in a little classroom next to our house with six other missionary kids. I had planned to homeschool her this year, but we’re happy to be a part of a co-op so our Ella can be her social little self! I teach Sam kindergarten at home, something my teacher heart is pretty happy to do. His favorite part of school is any kind of water play and coloring with markers. He always gets far more colorful than the paper!

We have never felt God has called us to this life to keep it to ourselves, which is why I write regularly here at The Mango Memoirs. We want to share the incredible things God is doing here, in our own lives and in the lives of those around us. So pull up a chair, pour yourself a cup of chai (an everyday drink in here in Kenya) and experience life with us here at The Mango Memoirs.



Family Painting


A few random facts…

  • I grew up in Pequot Lakes, a small town in the middle of Minnesota. (as in one stoplight) I was the Pequot Lakes Princess in ’99-’00.
  • I played the flute from 6th grade until 10th grade. Then I switched to the tuba for the rest of high school and even played it for a semester in college.
  • I went to the same summer camp for 16 summers in a row. Lake Beauty Bible Camp in Minnesota.
  • I took a year off from college to teach at a high school in rural Honduras.
  • I adore theatre. I picked my college based on its theatre program. I still have dreams about being on stage a few times a month.
  • Pete & I met while directing a drama I wrote for our church in Duluth.
  • We both worked at summer adventure camps in Montana before we knew each other.
  • I have a degree to teach grades 7-12 communication arts & literature. (basically, middle & high school English)
  • I also have a Masters degree in education. I focused on teaching struggling readers in the high school classroom.
  • Pete bought me a motorcycle just before our wedding in July 2007. We took a three-week motorcycle trip in 2008, riding from Duluth to Vancouver, down to San Francisco and back.
  • I ran 3 full-length marathons between Ella’s birth and Sam’s. My last was while I was 6 weeks pregnant with our little man. I’m not fast.
  • We have lived in 10 homes in 10 years of marriage. We’re really good at packing and moving.
  • I opened on online bake shop while Pete was in residency and I was home with Ella. I closed it just before our first trip to Kenya in 2013.
  • I love Kraft spiral macaroni & cheese. I hate gum. (the smell, the texture, the general grossness of it)
  • I’m a huge fan of Disney World. Sometimes I plan entire itineraries of a visit just for fun.
  • At some point in my life, I want to live out of an Airstream or Escape home and travel the US and Canada.

Why the title The Mango Memoirs?

We wanted a title that would encompass our home in Kenya while also inspiring creativity. After a lot of prayer and tossing out lots of ideas, we realized our name. Mango trees are thick and sturdy with sprawling branches. People gather under their leaves to find shelter from the hot sun or pouring rain. These trees become a place of community. We hope that this becomes a place of community as we collect our memories here, the very definition of a memoir.


More questions?

Don’t hesitate to send us a message! We love hearing from readers and are happy to answer questions. There is a simple form to contact us here.





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