Picnicking On the Shore

Last night I made the long, long drive with the kids and my mama to Dickinson, North Dakota. My sister moved here after she got married this summer. We've lived most of our lives in the same town, so having her so far away has been a huge change for us. We've really felt it with our kids missing each other so dearly. We're here until Monday morning when we'll make the nine-hour trek home. We're soaking in every moment!

Last week we had a little evening picnic in the grass between our deck and the lake. We were out as the sun set and we lost all light. It was a good opportunity to practice taking more photos!





Pete & Sam





The Most Adorable Subjects

I just adore these two. They certainly make excellent subjects for photography practice!



And our squash. It did a good job playing my depth of field subject. Well done, squash. Well done.


We’re soaking in every ounce of warm sunshine we have left before the frost comes. It’s really just a matter of days. So Sunday afternoon, while it was shining beautifully on the deck, Ella and I took our paints out to the table.




Painting is a fairly still activity, so of course it had to be balanced out with some leaps off the deck furniture.


I’m having a ball with my photography class. Just a few more days of it and then I’m on my own! I’m thrilled with the new lens I have that allowed me to capture each of these. And I’m beginning to use my Canon more than my iPhone! Perhaps someday I’ll be considered a sort of photographer. How dreamy.




{inspired} 25 Truly Enticing Pumpkin Recipes

I absolutely adore pumpkin in the fall! Once Starbucks starts making Pumpkin Spice Lattes in September, I consider it open season. Pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin soup, and especially my mom’s amazing pumpkin bars. Seriously, so good. I was amazed with all the recipes available when I searched recently on Pinterest. I compiled a list of 25 recipes to share with you, but there are even more on my autumn Pinterest board!

25 Enticing Pumpkin Recipes

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Five on Friday

Today I’m joining The Good Life Blog, Carolina Charm, A. Liz Adventures and  Hello! Happiness again for Five on Friday!  Here are five really fantastic moments from the last week!

ONE //
a date with Ella for lunch and a hair cut!

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