A Chat with Miss Ella

Here’s the interview with Ella I promised! This girl makes me laugh. She can tell story after story any day of the week to anyone she meets, but once she’s in front of the camera, she doesn’t want to say a whole lot. Oh, Ella.

I promise to show a little bit of the area around our porch in the next video!


Weekend Video Update

Happy Sunday! Here’s a short video update for something a little different. If you have any questions for future video posts, please post them in the comments. Thank you, friends!




Photo Friday

Photo Friday is a little glimpse at our week in pictures. To see more, follow @TheMangoMemoirs on Instagram!


Learning to Do School

It was just one month ago that we jumped back into homeschool, but this time things look quite different. We really only got a small taste for it back in Duluth when we started in February. I’m so glad we started a little while before moving, since it gave us an idea of what might or might not work for us here in Kenya.

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